‘Shiraz city of the heart

!God preserve thee

‘Pearl of capitals thou art

.Ah! to serve thee

Ruknabad, of thee I dream

:Fairy river  

Whose drinks thy running stream 

.Lives for ever 


Wind that blows from Ispahan

?Whence thy sweetness

Flowers ran with thee as thou ran

.With such fleetness

Flowers from Jafarbad

Made of flowers

Thou for half-way house hast had

.Musellas bowers


Right through Shiraz the path goes

‘Of perfection

Anyone in Shiraz knows

.Its direction


Spend not on Egyptian sweets

.Shiraz money 

Sweet enough in Shiraz streets

.Shiraz honey



East wind hast thou aught to tell

?Of my gipsy

?Was she happy

?Was she Well? Was she tipsy


Wake me not I pray thee friend

‘From my sleeping

Soon my little dream must end

.Waking’s weeping


.Hafiz  though his blood she spill

‘Right he thinks it

Like mother’s milk’tis his will

.That she drinks it


Translated by R. Legallienne