Last Sunday I pulled into a rest area while travelling from Upstate New York to Massachusetts. My wife needed her Starbucks cold drink and I needed to top-off the tank. Pulled behind a white late model Land Rover that was undecided as to which lane to commit to. Eventually, there was an opening,  the driver did a full 360-degree turn right in front of me and pulled into the middle lane. So far so good except that he parked in such a way that no one else could use the other pump. When I asked him to move his car he refused and said he’ll do it when finished filling out his tank. I was stunned. And for some reason this feeling has stayed with me. I was delayed for however long it takes to fill up a gas tank but the nagging feeling is still there. I m not going to turn this experience into a conclusion of world dimension and magnitude but did come to a number of realizations:

  1. This I don’t believe was personal. Or against me specifically since he had blocked entry to the gas stations before I arrived.
  2. Why does it bother me so much? Now this is the part that I think matters and deserves attention. True that the man wasted my time and acted unexpectedly, but why did it affect me? Why is that important? I am talking about this since there isn’t any day going by that the news media doesn’t mention how angry we are as a nation. Did someone cut us off and we can’t get over it? Do we expect a flawless and smooth ride, and it is not so? Not all the time, anyways?

Or is it that we are not present most of the time as we are over-engaged in what is of interest to us, or what matters to us, and the rest of the world, for the most part, is just a distraction that breaks our rhythm, looks strange and foreign, and we don’t need any of it.

You see where I’m going with this?