Harvard celebrated the Persian festival of Nowruz at the Semitic Museum in Cambridge, MA. Throughout the museum, one can immerse themselves in a journey from Egypt to Mesopotamia through the galleries that showcase the history, languages, and cultures of the ancient Near East. This is the region that brought us the alphabet, the pyramids, and other wonders of the ancient world. This week, the Museum showcased the Iranian celebration of spring. The evening began ,  by an overview of the haft seen table , and then a poetry reading  about Nowruz  by Professor   Amr  Taher Ahmad Finally, a musical performance.  The evening showcased the highlights of Iranian culture, which made even native Iranians feel at home in the celebration. The choice of location at the museum enhanced the atmosphere with historical significance – along with the selection of young student performances – brought together  the best of the old and new worlds in a timeless celebration of Nowruz


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