BY: Freydoon Moshiri
Translated By :AmirHossein Ansari
Without you, in a moonlit night again
I passed through that lane
My entire being turned into eyes
For seeking you in that paradise
The anticipated joy for seeing you
Refilled the over filled cup of my being anew
Like the foolish lover that I was before
.I became the very same once more
Within my soul and in full spree
Bloomed in joy the flower of memory
A hundred gardens of memory smiled in glee
.The scent of a hundred memories encircled me
I remembered one night in there together
We flew in that seclusion fair
.We squatted an hour by that brook there
‘Your eyes had housed all the secrets of the world
.I gazed at you spellbound your beauty to behold
‘The sky was clear and the night calm
.The fortune at ease and the tamed was time
The moon in a bunch in water it bathed
.The trees branches the heaven praised
.The night, the moon, the flower and the rock
Danced in the nightly tunes around the clock

:I remembered you addressed me and you were saying
.Avoid this love matter and its playing
.Behold this water for a moment as it flows
And look at its passage as it goes
.The water mirrors the image of a love that flies
Now that you are anxious for a look love wise
Soon your heart will find another love in great
surprise- For forgetting this love in its grip
I advise you to go for a trip
?I told you: ;Forgetting love
‘Will it forbid the Heaven above
‘To take a trip I never will
.The very first time I fell in love;s thrill
‘Bird like I perched at your window seal
Though you stoned me I sat there still
I flew not away and without peril
‘Then I told you that I as a game
.I am the very deer tame
‘To be captured by you in this claim
I have circled you all over my sweet dame
.And I lingered there ever the same
A tear from a tree branch was shed
The night bird uttered a bitter cry then fled
A tear drop lingered in your eyes
The moon laughed at your love in surprise
Then no answer was given to me and then
The sorrow overshadowed my heart again
I did not severe that strain
Into the darkness that night and others they flew
In none of them they did not see you
You asked naught about your love one true
You cannot imagine how I felt in going through